Reaction Series on YouTube

Hello Dancing in Dark Skin Community.

Our youtube channel I have to admit is now official off and poppin’ with videos. I have been posting, almost daily, VLOGS. So if you want to know the day to day of a professional dancer in between jobs, trying to get to the next thing, working on my art, working a part time job (or shall I say part time pay with full time hours), and navigating NYC life and mentality, then you will enjoy my VLOGS.

I am testing out a bunch of different videos, hair tutorials, and reactions videos and How-To videos. I am trying to see what I like to create best and what you all like to see.

With all that being said I would like to introduce a series of my reaction to a wide variety of dance videos. Let me know what you want me to react to.

Enjoy this first video of me reacting to a trending K-POP group.

Dance History

A new tab has been added to the Dancing in Dark Skin Website.

I am proud to announce “Dance History” has been added to this community.

In an effort to become a resource for all of your black dance needs and knowings of the past, present, and future of black dance, we have added dance history to chronologically give you the knowledge. The information is given in bullet point format so you can get a taste of what was happening. And also click on the links to see wonderful visuals of the dances that were going on.

Starting in the 1600’s-1700’s, click this link to get your black dance history snack.

This page will tell you the dances that were going on in the time period and a few people who played a vital role on the formation of the dances. However, coming soon, there will be a “Stars” page that will be a resource for you to look up people specifically.

Happy Learning Everyone!

Contract! Expand!

Welcome back everybody!

It has been a long time since I last posted. As a professional dancer it has been hard for me to find the time and wi-fi to really dedicate to this website. But I am back!

Dancing in Dark Skin is going to be expanding it’s content to include more videos of a wide variety. We are not just going to post dances but we are going to post dance conversations and dance history.

This website will grow into a go to for all of your black dance needs.

Let me know what you want to see!

I’m looking forward to this site being a collaboration between me and the community that is attracted to come here. So take part, ask questions, comment and make requests.

Let’s get Creative!