Hamilton the Choreography!

I recently went to see Hamilton the Musical and I knew I was going to witness greatness lyrically and musically but what I was not expecting was the choreography genius of Andy Blankenbuehler. So many styles covered the stage from classical Broadway jazz to hip hop. there was not a genre I did not see. It seemed to be a step to each word of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s compositions of 144 words a minute. When I didn’t see the ensemble on stage they were greatly missed. The brilliance of choreography was witnessed the most during the rewind in Satisfied and creating a human bullet that transitions to flashbacks of previous scenes in the musical in The World Was Wide Enough. This was the best show I have ever seen because it incorporated so many dynamic theatrical and artistic aspects. You leave wanting more because your heartbeat and soul got wrapped up in the rhythm of the show and story. I am still going throng withdrawals and I saw the show January 7. I need to listen to the soundtrack once a day, my non theatrical friends think I need help.

Here is a video of the choreographer showing off some of the moves from the show during a Ham4Ham performance on the sidewalk right in front of the theatre.


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