Alvin Ailey February 2016 Review

I saw Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre Thursday, February 11, 2016. I made previous post in the days before of snippets of some of the dances I saw and HERE is my review. Please comment your feelings and thoughts on the dances as well!

What always stands out to me about Ailey’s dancers are their shining fit black bodies. The backs the legs the everything! These performers glow on stage.

Open Door- Choreographed by Ronald K. Brown

What a perfect beginning to the show. I did not know what to expect but this piece took me on a cultural ride. I was in Africa, I was in Cuba, I was in Latin America, I was in West Side Story, I was in a jazz class that transformed to a modern and ballet class. I found myself shimmying in my seat and wanting to join in on the fun they were having. The connection between the company members was definitely present. I loved the costumes of the purple and red tones of 60’s style dress.

Cry- Alvin Ailey

CONTRACT. CONTRACT. CONTRACT THAT BACK. That is all I can say. Danced by Jacqueline Green, and she needs to be in the world wide dance dictionary for best contraction. You know it is a perfect contraction when I can feel her contraction in my spine all the way in the balcony. In this piece I appreciated the use of the scarf as a prop, for scrubbing the floors to an elegant shawl to a head scarf. The skirt was dancing as well and very much a part of the story. Ailey took me on a journey through the three movements of this piece and the music selections. I especially loved the song “Been on a Train” by Laura Nyro, and I was very inspired by it so I’m going to do some choreo to it! True dance theatre, what I love, the dancer makes sure the audience understands the story and journey being told. I felt these movements. And when Green’s legs developed, my jaw dropped in jealousy. All I can say is goals. DANCE GOALS.

Awakening- Robert Battle

This show was really serving me with past, present and FUTURE. Just when I thought I was going to understand every piece Battle hit me with the abstract and it was so refreshing, nothing familiar as far as culture and movement aesthetic to place back to a specific region or time. I was able to insert my own story that didn’t even take place on this planet. The piece was quick and calm. I was constantly searching and investigating in this piece. I could study this piece for interpretation, we all could, and each of us would have something completely different. The dance was high energy. The music/orchestration was strange and other worldly, very dramatic as well putting me in the mind of a movie score. Yes I saw people on the stage but I also saw shapes and patterns. The LIGHTS, I love me some good lighting, it really gave this piece more spectacle, the dancers were no longer on just a stage, they were in outer space, in another galaxy. Perfect new peace to mix with classic Ailey rep. I don’t think the audience understood at first what was going on, I heard multiple groups of people laughing and talking, but after about 3 minutes it was silent. I was ready for a talk back at the end but I forgot  we weren’t at Spelman.

Revelations- Alvin Ailey

If you don’t know this piece already… Look up your history. This piece is always a classic and staple, never changing yet always moving.


Overall this show was really inspiring for me and conceptualized all that I can do with my vision and dream! Thanks for reading.


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