Spelman College Inauguration Arts Celebration- Urban Bush Women


Every time I see Urban Bush Women dance I cry. This company truly moves me to my core. This is a company where I see myself represented and my ancestors represented and all of our struggles and triumphs as black women being shown on stage.

The foot work was incredible, tap dancing without taps reveals the power in a stomp. TALENT was pouring out of this company, no one was half doing anything, everything was genuine, everything held the spirit inside. I felt like the dancers invited me in to their personal dance space where they pour everything they have into the dance.

Of course there is a Spelman Alum in the company and she killed it. She performed a solo/monologue/sermon of the body and tongues. I was in aww and inspired by her vocal riffs, scats, and breakdowns. She was working for us and I appreciate it with everything in me.

When I see them perform I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that I’ve made the right choice in choosing dance as my profession. Storytelling with this body and voice God has blessed me with and inspiring others to do the same, or at least find their calling so they feel as full as I do.

Go see Urban Bush Women as soon as you possible can, if not for me, than for your own health and well being.

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