Waitress- Brooks Atkinson Theatre

The longest line I waited in to enter a theatre was for Waitress, the line went up the street and around the block. I had no idea this musical was so popular. However, I could still count the number of black people in attendance on one hand.

The marketing for this show was A1. When I entered the theatre it smelled like pie, sweet sweet pie. I wanted to lick the air, it smelled so good. On top of the smell they were selling little pies of different flavors in jars! They were expensive, like everything in the theatre so I did not get a taste. However, the “real” pies that were in the show looked crazy delicious.

Jessie Muller, Keala Settle and Kimiko Glenn stole the show, this was their show. I loved the music, watching the band play onstage and have subtle interactions in the story was very enjoyable. I could not understand some of the lyrics but that tends to happen with a live musical. There were props, props, props galore and amazing coordination from the performers. They had the sugar and the butter and all the pie ingredients.

I have not seen the movie Waitress but I knew where the story was going. This musicals made me want to see the movie because it was a nice comedy. I was still in tears by the end because I am a sucker for a happy ending and also for cute kids on stage.

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