Meet Michaela Johnson

Michaela Johnson was born and raised in Decatur, Ga where she first began dancing at her church, which inspired her dreams to become a dancer. From then, Johnson has recently graduated from Spelman College where she obtained her degree in Drama with a concentration in Dance. Johnson is now a company member of Axam Dance Theatre Experience, and also teaches dance at the Fulton County Southwest Performing Arts Center. She has experiences in choreography and performance. Johnson plans on continuing her career by combining both passions for dance and event planning to create artistic events for the arts community.

Photographs by Ciara Jones.

Where I’m From

This poem was inspired by the poem “Where I’m From” composed by George Ella Lyon.

Read her poem here:

And enjoy mine.

Where I’m From

By Ciara Jones

I am from lakes and trees and strip malls in-between

I am from suburban subdivisions with a synagogue on every block just a freeway ride away from the city where theatre lived along with museums and my history

I am from an actuary educators teachers practical dreamers

I am from the bourgeoisie and black power

I am from 100 ways to cook and prepare chicken

I am from an endless supply of grits bacon and eggs

I am from millions of mugs for hot chocolate coffee and tea

I am from I love you and greeting strangers

I am from faster, stronger, tighter, deeper, higher, lower, slower and quicker

I am not from never good enough but I am from always try better than before

I am from hugs high five and hand shakes

I am from improv on the streets of Italia to Italian singing at Temple Israel

I am from embarrassing moments falling on my face


Shining perfectly in the spotlight.


Create Your Own Personal Vision Statement

While I was in South Korea for study travel with Spelman, one of our assignments was to create a personal vision statement. Not a mission statement Vision Statement. For me the biggest difference between the two is that one is full of goals and a driving force and the other is simply how you see yourself living on the inside out.

Here are some notes I took so that you can create your own personal vision statement.

Your statement should:

  • Align with your vision
  • Engage ambiguity
  • Cultivate stillness
  • Attend to emotion
  • Attend to judgement
  • Attend to physical sensation


  • Notice your thoughts
  • Examine the Judgment


  • Witness emotions


  • Embracing the unknown


  • Commit to being your highest and best as a human

Crafting my Personal Vision Statement (use words in the present tense):

  1. Being in the moment
  2. Looking forward to a positive future
  3. Embracing all situation
  4. Knowing personal limits
  5. Don’t give others power to control your own emotions
  6. Not letting thoughts cloud my judgment
  7. Being aware of my mind and body at all times

You can also start by putting one word on a sticky note that you would like to accomplish.

-Mindful- Communicative- Awareness- Emotional Stability- Knowledgeable- Compassion- Curiosity- Patience- Present-

Share with me your personal mission statement!