Where I’m From

This poem was inspired by the poem “Where I’m From” composed by George Ella Lyon.

Read her poem here: http://www.georgeellalyon.com/where.html

And enjoy mine.

Where I’m From

By Ciara Jones

I am from lakes and trees and strip malls in-between

I am from suburban subdivisions with a synagogue on every block just a freeway ride away from the city where theatre lived along with museums and my history

I am from an actuary educators teachers practical dreamers

I am from the bourgeoisie and black power

I am from 100 ways to cook and prepare chicken

I am from an endless supply of grits bacon and eggs

I am from millions of mugs for hot chocolate coffee and tea

I am from I love you and greeting strangers

I am from faster, stronger, tighter, deeper, higher, lower, slower and quicker

I am not from never good enough but I am from always try better than before

I am from hugs high five and hand shakes

I am from improv on the streets of Italia to Italian singing at Temple Israel

I am from embarrassing moments falling on my face


Shining perfectly in the spotlight.


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