Dance class at the club

In my jazz funk class my teacher advised us to take more technique dance classes but then to also go out and go to the club. Both or vital to find your personal groove. This explains a lot with my personal technique and grooving. I haven’t been to a party in a minute, and it just hit me that, that is where my own personal style and experimentation comes into play. How you decide to groove with the rhythms of each song on the DJ’s playlist, how you transition, how you feed off of the movement of everyone else in the room. It is a science and practice in having fun when it comes to dancing, twerking, jujuing on the beat. The work never stops and the work turns into play. I’m not being judged at a party for my technical abilities in dancing, I’m being looked at for how I groove with my on flavor that stands out from all the others. And I have to take all that with me back into the studio to make my art more real, more juicy, more me and more fun!



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