How to make your mark!

In this post I will discuss the beginning process of how to make your mark in the viral dance community. It’s easy!

As you all know from reading this blog post now is that you have access to the whole world through your electronic devices. So dancers and dance lovers can find each other with just the touch of a screen, and it is your responsibility to put your 5, 6, 7,8 on cyber space to give them access.

It’s simple, set up your phone or camera and show it what you got. Upload your video to the social media platform where you have the most friends and family who will share with their friends and family.

Record yourself doing the latest viral dance and join the millions of dance trenders. But make sure to put your unique style in the video so you stand out from the rest.

Most importantly be genuine and put passion in it. Because people recognize and appreciate real, and they quickly scroll past fake.

Make your mark this year! Dancing in Dark Skin can’t wait to see and share you shine!


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