Syllabus Week

In the Life of a Dance Concentrator

Syllabus Week

In the mix of add /drop period I had no clue what classes I was going to take to fulfill the minimum credits hours for me to remain a full time student. At first I was thinking about stepping out of my major, so I checked out a Shakespeare class and a Feminist Film Criticism class both of those topics interested me and seemed intriguing. But I knew the classes I really wanted to take were Writing for Dance and Teaching & Leading through Dance, both of those classes could really benefit me in the future. So I found a way to make them both work out in my schedule along with my job and rehearsals, and I dropped Shakes and Film Criticism.

In Writing for Dance we are developing skills to critique dance works. So we are taking a look at our writing skills and also being descriptive and telling the reader what is happening in the dance as opposed to interpreting what the dance means to us, at least in these beginning stages.

For Teaching & Leading through Dance we are developing a fieldwork project that involves the community, dialogue and dance as well as cultural and social issues at the forefront. We are studying ways on how to go into a community that we are not a part of and simply assist people on their journey to self discovery and community discovery.

My last class is Choreography 2, which is the final stage of my journey as a dance concentrator in college. We literally choreograph in class, as a group, individually, merging our ideas together. We receive feedback from our professor on how we can continue to get better and develop our own style, as well as workshops with special guest. At the end of the semester my classmates and I will self produce a 40 minute show with all of our original work.

In the Life of a Dance Concentrator on the journey of becoming a major force in dance. Stay tuned on week days for new posts.


What are you going to do with a dance degree?

“What are you going to do with a dance degree?”

Umm… get a job, the same as everyone else with a degree.

It amazes me how in today’s job climate people still expect undergraduates to get a job in what they majored in. It’s doesn’t matter if it is math, international studies, biology, drama, dance, when the career fair comes to town we are all stopping at all the tables to hear what options are available, and the recruiters are looking for diversity anyway. But when it comes to majoring in the arts people who don’t know of any professional artists personally have a hard time grasping how we are going to survive. And the answer is simple, we get a job.

Looking at the present, I am a dance concentrator at a liberal arts institution. This is my last semester and I thought I was going to have an easy time, I thought wrong. With a new dance curriculum developing so are my opportunities with going more in depth with my dance studies. But the duties don’t stop there; I am continuing training at outside dance studios as well as going on as many auditions as possible. Oh and did I mention I’m self producing a show, two shows to be exact. Preparation baby!

I am giving you an inside look to the life of a dance concentrator. This blog and vlog series will take a look at the interdisciplinary action of an artist, scholar, and BOSS.

The first video is up on our YouTube Channel!

Expect a new post sometime during school days (Monday-Friday)!