DiDS Foundation Presents Keith Asberry

Keith Asberry was born in Chesapeake, Virginia. His artistic development began as a classically trained percussionist and singer within his church. Through such development he has garnered a love and appreciation for performance that has translated into a burning passion for dance. His dance training began in 2014 at Spelman College. While there he has studied under Tracy Lang, Meredith Moore, Emily Cargill, and Deborah Hughes alongside performing works by Blake Beckham, Eli J, and his own choreographed pieces. Through a partnership with the Dunham Institute and the Morehouse College Honors Program, he was connected to Jai Jones of AREA, Atlanta’s Resource for Entertainment and Arts, where he now trains. He has been privileged to study under Robert and Jennifer Mason, LaMia Dingle, Gabby Gambino, Jai Jones, Roscoe Sales and master instructors such as Ed Brown, Walter Rutledge, and Veronica Johnson. He aspires to continue his dance training and one day receive his MFA in dance to accent his career as a performer and choreographer. Intrigued by the transformative powers of dance, he seeks to touch the souls of the world through performance with his own self-identifying principles of strength, resilience, compassion, and love.


Hello! My name is Keith Asberry II, I am a graduating senior philosophy major at Morehouse College. I have been given an extraordinary opportunity jto train at the the Ailey School beginning this summer in their Professional Division Summer Intensive and continuing on for the academic year in their Independent Study Program. After only technically training for two years, this program will be an enriching experience that will provide me with the necessary tools and resources to continue my career as a professional dancer.

This is where you come in! In order for me to be able to take advantage of this opportunity I will need to raise $4,885 by May 2017, which will cover the cost of tuition and housing for the summer. I am requesting your help, whether you be a family member, friend, or just a believer in my dream. Any monetary contribution, big or small will help!

Thank you and much love to you in advance for your support!


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