DiDS Foundation Presents Asia Funches



“I am a movement artist, and dance is my word document. I am interested in somehow sending my aspired technicality backstage and allowing my inner focus to take the wheel. When I dance, I make several attempts to acknowledge my own history and those of my ancestors and environment. Each stroke, with every taste of momentum and air, allows me to dive directly my lived experiences. Introspection is my most powerful tool; it helps me create greater mental and emotional clarity. As my callused feet press against the stage, my syntax reads without errors. In this space, dancing, I strive to be honest and share with others my experience.”

asia 2


Dear Dancing in Dark Skin Community,

I am elated to announce this news, as it allows me to continue my journey with dance while indulging in Italy’s culture. I am a Dance major and rising Senior at Middlebury College of Middlebury, Vermont. While I have taken classes in nearly every department along my journey, DANCE is my home.  I have explored several operations in dance: performance, choreography, dance for camera, and arts administration. I think it’s safe to say, I have fully embraced my stance as a movement artist.

This summer I have been granted an amazing opportunity to study in SORRENTO, ITALY. My creative improvisational footage rendered me as a competitive candidate, for I was selected as one of roughly 25 participants.  This dance intensive is sponsored by Staib Dance, a professional contemporary dance company based in Atlanta GA. There, I will learn from a number of professional choreographers and perform alongside company members in Sant’Agata. If you know me, you know I strongly value all opportunities to challenge myself. Clearly, this experience will contribute to my continual growth as a student, dancer, multi-interest artist, and individual.

This trip is very special to me because it will empower me with the exposure and network I need to enter the Arts and Entertainment field upon graduation.

So…I am seeking donations to support me in this amazing experience. The total cost of this trip is $4,000:

-Intensive study; 3 classes and rehearsal daily
-Full breakfast and dinner
-2 cultural excursions
-Cost of Outdoor performance production
-Roundtrip Airfare

Payments start as early as May 2nd , and the full balance must be paid by June 2nd.

All Donations will be a Great Blessing! I thank my village in advance for your continual support.


Asia Myles-Funches

*The word Ubuntu comes from the Xhosa/Zulu culture… The concept of this phrase can be translated to mean: A person is a person through other persons or I am because we are. I live by this philosophy, which is why I choose to sign off with it.




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