Race and Dance: an entry way

I have thought long and hard about different topics to write about on this website. So here is some word vomit on my initial thoughts on race and dance at 12 am.  

Dance is a visual apparatus first but then from dance we can be taken on different avenues such as music, theatrics and politics. This website was started based on my race, black, and one of my passions, dance, and how those two interact with each other almost constantly. Actually not almost, always. Being a professional dancer you will not only get hired based on skill but also physical appearance. So for the black dancer there is no avoiding, there is confronting and accepting as a part of identity. For some black dancers who have been raised in the white studio system from birth this thought might not cross there mind on a consistent basis based on the environment they were raised up in, but for other black dancers the sight of white dancers filling an audition hall might make them turn around or re-think their place.  

I want this website and platform to be a haven and if you are the dancer who felt like they didn’t belong, I am living proof and all of your favorite professional dancers are living proof that you belong in all the rooms.

Go into those rooms with your heads held high, we got your back!

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