Reaction Series on YouTube

Hello Dancing in Dark Skin Community.

Our youtube channel I have to admit is now official off and poppin’ with videos. I have been posting, almost daily, VLOGS. So if you want to know the day to day of a professional dancer in between jobs, trying to get to the next thing, working on my art, working a part time job (or shall I say part time pay with full time hours), and navigating NYC life and mentality, then you will enjoy my VLOGS.

I am testing out a bunch of different videos, hair tutorials, and reactions videos and How-To videos. I am trying to see what I like to create best and what you all like to see.

With all that being said I would like to introduce a series of my reaction to a wide variety of dance videos. Let me know what you want me to react to.

Enjoy this first video of me reacting to a trending K-POP group.