Elida Webb

  • Born 1895 in Virginia.
  • Broadway Show credits include:
    • Flying Colors (1932)
    • Show Boat (1932)
    • Singing the Blues (1931)
    • Lucky (1927)
  • Staged all the musicals, dance specials, and chorus numbers for the club “Runnin’ Wild” in 1923.
  • Claimed to have invented the Charleston dance.
  • Studied dance under Ada Overton Walker.
  • One of the first black choreographers on  Broadway.
  • Danced and choreographed at The Cotton Club.
  • Died 1975.

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Dora Dean

  • Known for performing the cakewalk with partner Charles Johnson in the all black musical “The Creole Show” in New York
  • Born in Kentucky around 1872.
  • She was so good at the cakewalk that she booked solo engagements at vaudeville theaters in New York.
  • First black performer to wear thousand dollar costumes.
  • Toured Europe
  • Performed and produced the shows:
    • Dore Dean & Co
    • Dore Dean and Her Phantoms
  • Retired in the 1920s.
  • Died December 13, 1949.



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