Bill “Bojangles” Robinson

  • Born May 25, 1878.
  • Got the nickname “Bojangles” from childhood friends.
  • Coined the term “copacetic” which meant, everything was better than fine and dandy.
  • First role was as Pick, in the 1892 minstrel show “The South Before the War”.
  • 12 year partnership with George Cooper, where Bojangles went from playing the clown to getting equal billing with Cooper.
  • Around 1915 Robinson developed a solo act and traveled all over the U.S.
  • Made his Broadway debut in 1928 in Lew Leslie’s “Blackbirds”.
  • During the depression Robinson went to Hollywood where he co-stared with Shirley Temple in several of her films.
  • In 1936 after 50 years in the business, Robinson headlined his first show at The Cotton Club.
  • Bill “Bojangles’ Robinson passed away November 25, 1949.

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