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Dance History

A new tab has been added to the Dancing in Dark Skin Website.

I am proud to announce “Dance History” has been added to this community.

In an effort to become a resource for all of your black dance needs and knowings of the past, present, and future of black dance, we have added dance history to chronologically give you the knowledge. The information is given in bullet point format so you can get a taste of what was happening. And also click on the links to see wonderful visuals of the dances that were going on.

Starting in the 1600’s-1700’s, click this link to get your black dance history snack.

This page will tell you the dances that were going on in the time period and a few people who played a vital role on the formation of the dances. However, coming soon, there will be a “Stars” page that will be a resource for you to look up people specifically.

Happy Learning Everyone!

Contract! Expand!

Welcome back everybody!

It has been a long time since I last posted. As a professional dancer it has been hard for me to find the time and wi-fi to really dedicate to this website. But I am back!

Dancing in Dark Skin is going to be expanding it’s content to include more videos of a wide variety. We are not just going to post dances but we are going to post dance conversations and dance history.

This website will grow into a go to for all of your black dance needs.

Let me know what you want to see!

I’m looking forward to this site being a collaboration between me and the community that is attracted to come here. So take part, ask questions, comment and make requests.

Let’s get Creative!


Fearful Voice

For a long time I was insecure with my voice. I didn’t have a problem speaking publicly or performing but I would always cringe watching the playback. Talking to other artist I realize this might be a feeling that doesn’t go away. Maybe it is that raw venerable place we go to when we create something from nothing. I was listening to one of my favorite podcast “Small Doses” with Amanda Seales, the episode was titled “Side Effect of Being an Artist”  in the podcast she talks about how being an artist is like giving birth. Art is life. When you produce something from nothing and that something goes out in the world to be seen and heard and start conversations and inspire other artwork. And that is scary.

But there is nothing to it but to do it. A lot of fear stems from judgement of others and also wanting to be accepted and liked. I want respect. Respect for just having the nerve and courage to do things that not everyone can do. The squirm in my stomach my never go away, but it is not going to stop me or make me delete.

Race and Dance: an entry way

I have thought long and hard about different topics to write about on this website. So here is some word vomit on my initial thoughts on race and dance at 12 am.  

Dance is a visual apparatus first but then from dance we can be taken on different avenues such as music, theatrics and politics. This website was started based on my race, black, and one of my passions, dance, and how those two interact with each other almost constantly. Actually not almost, always. Being a professional dancer you will not only get hired based on skill but also physical appearance. So for the black dancer there is no avoiding, there is confronting and accepting as a part of identity. For some black dancers who have been raised in the white studio system from birth this thought might not cross there mind on a consistent basis based on the environment they were raised up in, but for other black dancers the sight of white dancers filling an audition hall might make them turn around or re-think their place.  

I want this website and platform to be a haven and if you are the dancer who felt like they didn’t belong, I am living proof and all of your favorite professional dancers are living proof that you belong in all the rooms.

Go into those rooms with your heads held high, we got your back!