George Walker

  • Born in Lawrence, Kansas in the early 1870s
  • He was a child performer in black mistral shows.
  • Met George Walker in 1893 and started a musical comedy Act
  • Billed themselves as “Two Real Coons”
  • Made fashionable dances based on African Dance
  • Rejuvenated the Cakewalk
  • By 1902 the duo started producing musicals, (In Dahomey)
  • “We’re not long in deciding that if we ever reached the point of having a show of our own, we would delineate and feature African characters as far as we could and still remain American, and make our acting interesting and entertaining to American audiences.” -Walker, Theatre Magazine 1906
  • Walkers last show was Bandanaland (1907)
  • Walker died January 8, 1911